Containing Natural Foods Good Fat

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Natural Foods Good Fat

Not all fats are foods that should be avoided. There are two types of fat in food. Good fats such as HDL, and bad fats called LDL. LDL is the fat that is always avoided to maintain health and reverse the HDL for the menu to be consumed. Two types of these fats should be distinguished from each other. Like foods with good fats or bad fats. Reverse Diabetes said, there are a variety of foods that contain good fats are healthy to eat everyday.

The fruit is known for quite a lot of fat. However, the fat content is a good fat. Foods that contain good fats can eliminate the bad cholesterol in the body. It's good food consumption without any additional.

Not all chocolate is harmful to the body. Such as dark chocolate is rich with healthy fats and high in antioxidants. Can make the body healthy and good for heart health and lower blood pressure. But for a little better consumed for each day.

Sea ​​fish
With omega-3 is very good for the body and for the cardiovascular system. Eating fish every day for two weeks, can make coronary heart disease fell by 36%. Fish such as tuna and mackerel kind. You can bake and spiced.

Assorted nuts
Peanuts, almonds, and other types of vegetable protein and has a fat content of which is believed to prevent type 2 diabetes. From the research generated by replacing eating snack with nuts, then the risk of heart attack decreases.

Olive oil

Fats from olive oil are good fats that are beneficial for heart health. By using it in cooking, can provide good benefits for the health of your body. In this case, you have to be smart in choosing foods that contain good fats and stay away from foods with bad fats.
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