Digestive System Diseases

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Disorders of the digestive system can occur if one or more of the digestive process is not going well. The digestion process is divided into two, namely mechanical digestion and chemical digestion process. In the event of disturbance in the digestive system will contribute to the disease in the digestive system that affects the body's metabolic system.

Digestive System Diseases
Here is some kind of disturbance in the digestive system or other types of diseases of the digestive system:
  1.      Diarrhea
  2.      Constipation or Constipation
  3.      Appendicitis or appendicitis
  4.      Gallstone
  5.      Gastritis
  6.      Hepatitis
  7.      Typhus and paratifus
  8.      Parotitis
  9.      Peritonis
  10.      Hemaroid or Hemorrhoids
  11.      Ulcer
  12.      Flatus
  13.      Pankreasitis
  14.      Colon cancer
  15.      Gastric cancer
Digestive system diseases are most common are diarrhea and gastritis. Both diseases are less harmful and ulcer, but if not treated promptly can lead patients to the brink of death.

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