Lupus Disease - a New Diseases Deadly

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Lupus disease is a relatively new disease deadly, even level equivalent to cancer. In the world the number of people with lupus 5 million, and more than 100 thousand new cases occur each year.

victims of lupus disease

At first thought to only subjugate lupus of the skin, because the symptoms of lupus disease caused when it was "just" like redness around the nose and cheeks and red blotches on the face and arms. But it turns out the allegations were not correct, the fact is that lupus affects nearly anywhere in the body. Here are the symptoms of lupus disease:

  • The skin is easily burned by the sun as well as the onset of digestive disorders.
  • The next symptom of lupus sufferers often feel weak, excessive fatigue, fever and aches. These symptoms are mainly found in the active period, whereas during remission (off) disappeared.
  • In the skin, it would appear that ran a red rash on both cheeks, like a butterfly. Sometimes called the (butterfly rash). But like a red rash may appear on the skin discs throughout the body, prominent and sometimes scaly. Seeing the many symptoms of this disease, the woman who was attacked by two or more symptoms alone, should be suspected of having lupus.
  • Anemia caused by red blood cells are destroyed by this lupus disease
  • Lupus Symptoms that last is a frequent hair loss and excessive fatigue

If the normal immune function to preserve the body that are not easily attacked by disease, but not so with this disease. Lupus disease in the body actually makes andtibodi excessive, so the result of lupus antibodies actually attack the cells of a healthy body tissue. Resulting in decreased immunity, and the body becomes vulnerable to disease.

There are three types of lupus disease, namely:

• cutaneus: Marak called discoid that affects the skin.
• Systemic lupus erythematous (SLE): attack organs such as joints, blood, lungs, skin, heart, kidneys, liver, brain and nerves.
• Drug Induced Lupus (DIL), usually caused by the consumption of certain drugs, but when the drug is stopped then the symptoms will disappear.
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March 31, 2017 at 1:00 PM

For those people who are lupus sufferer and maybe reading this, I find it hard that people are still ignorant when it comes to LUPUS and have no idea what the illness is all about and still flippant about it even in the medical world.
After my daughter collapsed at home she was seen by one of the Consultants in the Lupus Unit who performed more tests and confirmed that she was negative with the Anti-RO antibodies. when I was told this, as I was slowly thinking I was losing my marbles and this was all in my head.
The Doctor prescribed a course of treatment but said that it would take about 8-9 months for the drugs to start working. I felt relieved to think that there was light at the end of the tunnel but still quite daunted by her having to cope feeling the way. After 2months of taken the medication the symptoms seemed to get worse, She had fevers, cold sweats, chest pains, constantly nauseous and she was finding it difficult to breathe. Her Doctor thought that the difficulty breathing may have been caused by one of the anti-inflammatory drugs and stopped them straight away.
But everything started to get easier from the point we came across Justin Herbal Medicine. When I first contacted Justin he told us that the drugs they'd used had aggravated the Lupus and caused it to flare more badly. The miraculous new treatment (Herbal Medicine) was for her to start the medicine sooner which was my thoughts, which of course was helpful.
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