Recognize the Symptoms of Throat Cancer

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Throat Cancer
Throat Cancer or Thyroid Cancer usually develops on the surface of the mucosa, larynx, pharynx or mouth. The characteristics are most easily seen in the throat cancer is a lump or nodule in the neck. Presenting symptoms of this cancer varies depending on the type of thyroid cancer itself. Although it is arguably rare disease, but it helps us recognize the early symptoms of thyroid cancer occurrence.

Despite all the lumps are not cancer, but a bump on the nose you should be aware of as an early sign of cancer of the throat. This cancer usually starts from the nose and then spread throughout the body. Then it will look at the basic lump neck and spreads to the lymph nodes in the neck. If the bumps lasted more than a week then you must consult a specialist. This lump is not painful but tend to enlarge and cause throat cancer.

The next symptom of throat cancer is a change in the appearance of sounds or your voice becomes hoarse. If this lasts more than a week then you are advised to consult the appropriate doctor. A good idea to look for an Otolaryngologist. Otolaryngologist is a specialist in the field of head and neck that can identify changes in vocal or the appearance of cancer. Checks can be done without a lot of pain. Not all inflection is a symptom of throat cancer, but it could not hurt to be cautious.

Another symptom of throat cancer is difficulty swallowing solid food, even under certain conditions was difficult swallowing liquid food. Food will be settled on a position in the esophagus that when you tried to swallow, the food can sometimes stir up or down. If this condition continues for a week then you must consult a doctor.

The next symptom of throat cancer is still within the scope of problems swallowing food. When there is a constant pain in the ear, this could be a sign of a tumor in the throat. Usually these symptoms occur together with the symptoms mentioned above. If these occur together: there is pain in the ear when swallowing and a lump appeared in the neck then you should immediately consult a specialist. After all know the symptoms of the disease early is better than cure when it was already severe.
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