First Detectable Sign of HIV in The Body

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Many people do not understand when they are exposed to the HIV virus (the virus humanimmuno deficiency). Signs exposed to HIV does look after the last incubation period. If the silent virus in the blood, you will not know about the symptoms of HIV in your body.

HIV symtomps

HIV affected must sign indeed look sharp. Some of the symptoms of HIV in the body will develop and condition your body will continue to decline rapidly. Below you will see several symptoms that you should know, especially in injecting drug users and free sex.

Sudden onset of fever
Suddenly you will feel unwell and low-grade fever, cough and runny nose that you feel. As well you will suddenly recover. This disease may not be your experience over the years.

The initial symptoms in this disease. Fatigue suddenly appear even in the absence of reason and cause. But if you've slept well, with a regular diet but still sick and tired of this case should be suspected.

Fever annoying
Fever which occurred disturbing and can run for weeks in a long period of time.

Swollen lymph Symptoms lymph HIV symptoms, signs of contracting HIV
swelling of the lymph nodes become inflamed and infected. There are glands in the armpits, thighs, and neck.

Someone HIV positive, you will find a constant headache, fever and weak body.

Sore throat
With a weak body easily and make the decline in HIV infected body and can get the flu, sore throat and cough.

Skin sensitivity
With slight scratches on the body and the skin alone can make the wound even so rash and bloody.

Nausea and diarrhea
Loss of appetite, vomiting and wanted food can not be digested because the bacteria in the digestive system that is broken and missing.

Substitution nail colors
nails subject to change and are not as healthy as forms damaged by yeast and fungal infections of the nail.

Sweating at night
Sam menopausal woman, HIV positive people can always sweating at night and difficulty sleeping soundly.

Infection or genital sores
The virus is a disease that lenders can make infections such as genital herpes and sores on step further.

Tingling in hands and feet
HIV positive is always a tingling sensation throughout the body. Body of stabbed as fingertips to toes, which takes place when the virus began to alter the nervous system.

Confusion and memory loss
This virus can make sufferers lose the function of brain cells. Such as dementia, confusion and memory loss for part after developing an infection.

Irregular Menstruation
Women with signs of contracting HIV would be difficult in their menstrual cycle, with the state and slightly irregular. This is because the amount of blood that fell.

Drastic weight loss
The symptoms of advanced HIV levels, can make HIV-positive patients of diarrhea and infection and decrease heavy body.

Hopefully the article First Detectable Sign of HIV in The Body useful for you.


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