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Heart Health

The heart is a vital organ in the human body. The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body which will distribute the nutrients your body needs in order to run properly. When the heart is functioning properly then all the nutrients in the blood throughout the body can be channeled properly. Bad habits and unhealthy heart can cause health problems. Bad habits are usually not aware of until it's too late. Here's a bad habit for a healthy heart are wont to do.

Consumption of alcohol

Consuming alcohol in rare not too bad for heart health, as well as wine has health benefits. But the problem occurs when we have a habit of drinking alcohol on a regular basis and in a portion of the lot. Alcohol has a bad effect on heart health if consumed in the long run. Of the effects that alcohol consumption habits are increasing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure (hypertension).

Too much salt

Many of us who love food that has a salty taste by adding extra salt to food. Salt is one of the factors that can cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure happens to be one of the factors of heart disease. So from now reduce levels of salt in the diet to maintain blood pressure and heart health.

Lack of exercise

Busyness is one factor not had someone for exercising. Less exercise can make the body less fit Become condition and can be made ​​into fat. With the weakening of the body and accumulated fat in the body can be a cause of heart disease. Take a little time to exercise to keep the body moving and the heart to stay healthy train.

Depression and prolonged stress

Depression and stress can be a factor that plays an important role in human health. Depression and stress are prolonged and unresolved may make the body becomes vulnerable and weak, one part to be attacked is the heart.

Overeating and unhealthy

Many times we eat food with larger portions and even with unhealthy foods that contain too much fat, sugar and preservatives. Habits of overeating and fatty foods will make your body fat and create a higher risk of heart disease. Eat enough and certainly with a healthy and nutritious food.


Based on research contributing 30 percent smoking as a cause of death due to heart disease. Addictive substances and toxins contained in cigarettes is a factor that can lead to heart disease. Smoking is also a great potential to cause a variety of diseases such as lung cancer, mouth and others.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can cause a hormone the body become unbalanced. Unbalanced hormones can cause increased stress hormones and impact on cardiovascular health. Healthy sleep for an adult ranges from 7-8 hours a day.

A lot of bad habits that we often do that without conscious with all these habits would be bad for health. Start living a healthy lifestyle to support a healthy heart and healthy body.

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