Tips for Avoiding Hair Loss

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avoiding hair loss

Hair is the crown for the woman who showed a woman's beauty. Baldness is a fairly frightening scourge. Hair is a crown that had its share increase our confidence and performance. So what would happen if you went bald start? Do not panic, following exposure to the experts how to deal with beauty tips and reduce baldness through the food we consume daily.

Simply put, in addition to dietary factors and age, baldness is Often by the caused by psychological problems such as depression, low self-esteem overload, stress and such things to her. By sabab it, peace of mind and spirit in the face of every problem, is an important key in avoiding the "Emigration" hair of our heads. However, in addition to peace of mind, baldness can also be avoided through the food we eat so that hair needed substance reasonably met. What are the types of foods that hair loss prevention? Following his presentation.

1. Seafood.
Not mistaken, in any seafood (seafood), such as crab, shrimp, oysters and others which contain high levels of zinc. Zinc is very helpful in making sturdy and lush hair on the scalp which works by scalp cells reproduce rapidly and balance hormones that are there. That is why it is rare the fishermen or people who live in the seaside bald.

2. Potatoes.
Potatoes may be familiar to us. Potato is widely available on the companion jungfood or fastfood menu that is all around us. Nevertheless, there are potatoes in fastfood should not be an option due to salt content contained in this menu too much. You should cultivate their own potatoes at home. You can tell your wife buy it in the market and roast them yourself. It is more healthful than purchasing ready-to fast food.

3. Cucumbers and bean sprouts and nuts.
Sprouts and cucumber contains many substances silica or silicates which is very good for the body, especially the hair. Silica helps vitamins and minerals are absorbed quickly in the body. And also nuts that have a higher protein content that would be useful in healthy hair. You simply multiply the consumption of vegetables.

4. Fish and Eggs
When vegetable protein derived from the beans, then we can take animal protein in fish and eggs. Protein can maintain the health of your hair to be stronger and healthier.

5. Cassava leaves and Raisins.
Iron is a type of substance that is sufficient stake in keeping the hair healthy and fertile. This iron is present in raisins and cassava leaves. This substance plays a role in the formation of hemoglobin, the part of blood that distributes oxygen to the organs of the body. Smooth the flow of oxygen in the blood will stimulate hair growth and improve fertility.

In addition we have to avoid foods high in fat. Because eating fatty foods can boost testosterone levels can lead to hair loss. With hair beautifully manicured course can enhance the beauty and self-confidence.

Hopefully the article Tips for Avoiding Hair Loss useful for you.


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