How to Coping Stomach Ulcers

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How to cope with heartburn. If you feel nausea, abdominal pain and bloating then it is a sign of heartburn symptoms. Heartburn is usually caused by irregular eating patterns, stress, infectious microorganisms, etc.. Heartburn attacked the area around the stomach area. That's why sometimes identified as heartburn upset stomach. The difference is plain abdominal pain ends with waste water but no heartburn. Because it is a way to overcome heartburn is very different from regular stomach ache. 

Here are some ways to overcome heartburn:

  1. Eat in moderation and regular
  2. Eat less food acids and spicy
  3. Avoid muniman that contain alcohol, caffeine and acidic
  4. Relax, get enough rest and sleep regularly
  5. Always prepare a drug that can reduce levels of stomach acid such as antacids or other.
  6. Preparing antibiotics and sedatives gastric movements
  7. Get used to eat before bed so the stomach is not empty when awakened.

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