Diseases: Mobile Phone Dermatitis

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Mobile Phone Dermatitis
Some doctors in the UK recently confused with the sufferings in the ear and cheek of the population, which is characterized by inflammation of the skin, and is a sign of allergy.

After long researched turns reddish and allergic inflammation arises because allergies are triggered due to prolonged use of mobile phones, according to a report from the Association of Dermatologists (Skin Specialist Association). The group dubbed the itchy skin disease and redness caused by the use of mobile phones as "mobile phone dermatitis," which strikes them as a result of an allergic reaction because the surface of the phone is made of nickel.

"It's good doctors odd given the circumstances that can not be explained, especially when they meet with the patient who is having the same symptoms, the redness on the cheeks and ears," said a statement from the Association. According to the Association, many doctors who do not know that these symptoms arise as a result of prolonged use of mobile phones.

Security issues on the use of mobile phones have started to grow as more people rely on this tool for daily communication, although recent evidence suggests that this tool actually can not be attributed to a variety of serious diseases such as brain cancer.

"For diseases" mobile phone dermatitis ", the inflammation that appears to be happening in the cheek and ear, depending on where the metal part of the phone area in contact with our skin," said the group. "In theory this inflammation can occur even in our fingertips if you are the longer the contact with metal menu buttons."

Nickel is a metal that is found in many products, from mobile phones to jewelry and even found also at the head of the belt, and the metal is very often cause inflammation of the skin caused by contact, according to research conducted by the Mayo Clinic in the United States.

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