Chagas Disease - New Aids

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Insects Triatomine - Triatome -Triatoma -Triatominae - chagas
Disease called Chagas disease is referred to as America's new AIDS because of the effect of spreading it took many years and can only be detected at the time treatment was too late anyway. This disease can make your heart swell and burst!.

Experts suspect that the disease is similar to AIDS only more deadly. The difference is borne diseases AIDS is not a disease in the true sense, but the outbreak of a disease called Chagas.

Scientists finally succeeded in identifying a blood-eating insects that spread the disease claimed "new AIDS" and release it to the public. Latin Americans that many are infected by Chagas named this diseases.

Chagas is taken from the name of the inventor behind this type of disease in 1909, Carlos Justiniano Ribeiro Chagas. This disease has long existed but has investigated more deeply is caused by a virus that is transmitted by a small insect with wings and usually black. This insect is Triatomine / Triatome / Triatoma / Triatominae, which is also the blood-sucking insects transmit the virus through human bites. It poisons the human body that was bitten by a disease called Chagas is, which is a tropical parasitic disease caused by protozoa air flagellum.

Chagas disease will cause swelling in the heart. If it is severe, this organ can rupture and cause sudden death. Scientists fear, Chagas disease is difficult to detect and it took until many years until symptoms appear, like AIDS. Now Triatome insect dubbed the 'new AIDS in the Americas'.

The problem is the virus is easily spread Chagas disease, such as blood transfusion, or congenital hereditary gene (like the spread of the HIV virus), but can not be transmitted from an intimate relationship, as most cases of transmission of the HIV virus.

Symptoms of the disease is very difficult to know from the beginning. Chagas disease takes many years can only be detected, similar to AIDS, so it seems highly unlikely to perform early treatment.

If it is detected early, then the fastest treatment can take as long as 3 months. Making matters worse, the disease is common in populations that are below the poverty line.

The disease is spread among the poor either because of the dirty environment that makes it a breeding ground for insect Triatoma widespread ignorance or because they are sick people to suffer so that they do not have their health checked by a doctor because of the absence of fees for checked them.

There are about 10 million people worldwide are infected with the disease, with 10 thousand of them reportedly died in the year 2008. A study reveals the truth that in a 5-year study of Darwin at the age of 20, he was infected with the virus and then reportedly died from heart failure.

Any person affected by this deadly disease will experience inflammation of the heart so that the heart will be enlarged, can explode and capable person is killed instantly.

That's about Chagas disease that recently spread across the Americas and Europe and is known as a disease "new AIDS".

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