Chromosome Telomere - Able to Predict Death

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Parents generally have shorter chromosome-telomeres than younger people, scientists believe that being a marker of telomere length and gauge the age and health of the cell. 

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Chromosome - Telomere capable Prediction Age Man

DNA that make up the human genome established 46 chromosomes, each of which ends with a telomere, DNA that protect chromosomes like the plastic ends on shoelaces. Chromosomal - telomeres long at birth and slightly shorten each time a cell divides, which in turn after dozens division, telomeres remains very small and the cells become inactive or dead.

Currently, researchers discovered a new understanding, that experience can affect telomere - chromosomes as new evidence impacts on nature. In a Duke University study, researchers analyzed DNA samples of children aged 5 years until they are 10 years of age. During that interval, some have experienced physical violence or intimidation, or watching adults engage in domestic violence.

Children who experienced some form of violence has the fastest telomere erosion, compared with children who experienced one type of violence, or violence at all. Telomeres are very important to protect the ends of chromosomes, when the telomeres become 'very short' then there will be consequences, such as increased risk of age-related diseases.

Scientists do not understand exactly how negative life experiences could accelerate erosion, or how to prevent telomere loss in positive behavior.

Related to several diseases in which chromosomal telomeres directly involved, researchers can not say whether shorter telomeres cause aging or simply accompany it? '

While the researchers added things that can shorten telomeres of chromosomes, such as smoking and infectious diseases are concentrated damage to slow telomere degradation. In a German study, people in their 40s and 50s are having chromosomal telomeres about 40 percent shorter than people in their 20s if they are less mobile, but only 10 percent shorter when they are active.

According to the new science of telomeres, humans were able to survive up to a certain extent, with positive affect life in the rest of the time they have.

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