Technology Research Treatment of Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System

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Optogenetics: Technology Research Treatment of Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System

optigenetics-Brain Diseases-Nervous System

Optogenetics, is a Technology Research will be developed as a method of treatment of brain diseases and disorders of the nervous system, which work by relying on the genetic manipulation of the nerve cells in the brain specific. Furthermore, the nerve cells that have undergone such manipulation is stimulated by laser light to control specific functions. So the brain diseases with excessive activity could be inhibited by the technology of the light. Likewise nerve cells slowing activity in the brain can be stimulated or activated, so that brain function can return to normal.

This method is believed to be much better and more promising in the treatment of specific brain function, when compared to conventional treatment methods work. The brain consists of billions of nerve cells (neurons) are interconnected. The relationship between nerve cells is called Synapses. In the nerve cell connections (synapses) occurs via electrical impulses (electrical synapses) and chemicals that form as a intermediary neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters play a role in the regulation of inter-neuron system work, so that when the disruption of neurotransmitter, the neurons would react abnormally.

There are 2 groups of nerve cells types, the first is the excitatory chemical neurotransmitter (glutamate) and the second is an inhibitory neurotransmitter involved with GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid). Both of the above types of nerve cells to function in harmony or balance to perform brain function properly.

In today's understanding of neuroscience, ranging aspects of genetic and organ systems, and networking nerves in the brain. In the creation of technology that is able to implement all the idea of ​​mapping the brain, which gives a detailed circuit diagram of the brain, and subsequently gave birth to the understanding of brain function in detail.

After getting a very detailed understanding of the macro-anatomy and function of neural microcircuit arrangement based on normal role, and its relationship with the various components of the nervous system. These components can include, electrical components, chemical components, and all components that are required over the life of the nervous system. Apparently the determination of brain function, depending on the area and type of nerve cells are arranged.

Microcircuit functional brain anatomy, it is determined by the role types of brain cells (excitatory and Inhibitory), especially inhibitory neurons have very much functional variation and by intrinsic physiological comprising: fast spiking, regular spiking, Adapting spiking, irregular spiking, and many other types.

Laser light blue (Blue Light), Laser Light orange (Orange Light), laser or light yellow (Yellow Light). Furthermore, the dynamics of the brain can be controlled based on the specifications of light streamed into the brain through a specific fiber so that a variety of neurological diseases and brain kelaianan, due to disruption of the function of certain nerve cells can be modified to play an activate (ChR2) or vice versa (NhpR and ACHR), to be achieved state of normal brain function.

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