Causes and How to Overcome Allergies

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Causes and How to Overcome Allergies - Allergies are symptoms of itching, skin redness, tiny spots evenly across the body or wide bump-bump with a higher surface than the skin around that arise after a person consuming a food or come in contact with a material particular. Allergies can be caused by eating substances and also other causes such as weather, dust, and so on.

Allergies are caused by food or other causes can trigger the immune system to fight it and produce histamine and other chemicals in the body. This is what ultimately led to the rejection of the body, such as runny nose, itchy eyes, dry throat, itching and redness of the skin rash, nausea, and diarrhea.

Symptoms of Allergic Diseases:

1. Skin tingle, itch in the standard of good light or heavy. In addition to itchy skin, also have eczema, rashes, redness.
2. Thickened lips, face and other body parts appear swollen.
3. Sneeze, sneezing, difficult breathing, and runny nose.
4. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.
5. Headaches and eye see stars.
6. Strong heartbeat, there was shock, a severe drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness.

Allergy Causes Disease:

Allergic disease in each person is different, but the allergic reaction caused by the relative lama. following are some of the causes of allergic illness
Food. Usually food allergies can cause are foods high in protein, such as cow's milk, egg white, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, fish, corn, beans, shrimp, squid, shellfish, and others.
Dust and animal dander.
Certain drugs.

How to Prevent or Overcome Allergies: For allergies that are congenital or hereditary can usually be prevented. For the common causes of allergies, such as dust or food, can be prevented by abstaining from these allergens Using masks for those who are allergic to dust or pollen. Maintain cleanliness of residence, home or office. Strengthen the immune system of our body with lots of eating foods that are high antioxidant such as vegetables and fruits.

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