Overcoming Cancer Disease with Carrots

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Carrot has been identified as one of the foods with vitamin A to help her make healthy eye, can prevent heart disease, and not just the carrots contain beta-carotene which is a key to prevention of cancer, especially in lung cancer.

And besides, according to a study stating that the carrots are rich in fiber can reduce the risk of colon cancer about 24%. So from that point on, for the people with cancer or suspected susceptible to deadly diseases it is recommended to consume carrots, since carrots benefits it very well and do not ever hesitate again in preventing cancer.

Based on the study conducted by laboratories in Edinburgh, Scotland declare that of 7 ounces of carrots consumed for weeks can reduce cholesterol by 11%. As it is known that a person with high cholesterol it is very risky to develop heart disease. therefore for people who have been diagnosed or even still suspected of having heart disease, multiply by eating carrots.

So someone who often eat carrots have a risk of heart disease compared with only one-third of people who are not eating carrots at all.
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