Dangers of Anti Pain In Gastric

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Pain is a sign of a very public place. Generally from our own let alone taking anti-pain drugs freely without first consulting a health practitioner to. While actual use of anti-pain medication in vain in fact have a hidden danger to the health of our stomach. Anti pain (Analgesic) is a class of drugs that reduce benefits have indeed let alone get rid of pain. Existing character of these drugs work in the form of blocking the formation of pain mediators and there are lower body pain threshold in the brain.

This type of drug commonly used to cure various types of diseases. About This is certainly due to some of the diseases is indeed manifest as pain complaint. No wonder anti-pain medications and has been sold freely regarding the extent of use of this drug type.

First class of anti-pain drug NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs) are a class of drugs that have efeksamping irritate the stomach when used within a period of time. This drug classes among which acetic acid (diclofenac, ketorolac), cox-2 inhibitors (celexocib), fenamates (mefenamic acid), oxicams (meloxicam, piroxicam), Propionic Acid (ibuprofen, ketoprofen), and salicylates.

Issues that may arise can vary starting from the pain in the pit of the stomach to injury or peptic ulcers. When the gastric mucosal injury has been going on so the signs can last bloody vomiting accompanied by severe pain in the gut. Heartburn that does not respond anymore with the usual ulcer medications may also signal the first occurrence of these signs.

Controls that can be done to assure no injury can be done with a gastric endoscopy controls that visualize the mucosa of the stomach and intestines picture using a micro camera that is inserted into the body's digestive tract. With this control also how extensive the damage is already underway also be known.

Harmful effects caused by anti-pain medication is so good we are more cautious in their use. To prevent this, do take the medicine pain after eating and stay away from taking anti-pain medication for a long period as well as too excessive. Ask your doctor if needed.
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