How to Reduce Food Lust Without Hunger

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Weight loss depends on the success of the food you eat. If you can reduce the number of portions, then slowly weight can be decreased gradually. However, generally the main problems encountered when reduced food portions are fast becoming hungry stomach. If you have this, usually they are not disciplined can eat like crazy. As a result, the weight does not go down, even went up.

Any tips to reduce your meal without feeling hungry, namely:

Drinking mineral water
Before eating, drinking 2 glasses of mineral water, at least 10 minutes earlier. Mineral water will make your stomach feel fuller and reduce appetite. Water that enters the body will fill your stomach and relieve hunger you feel.

Snacking during the day usually become uncontrollable lust. It seems it also wants to eat this. Do not let your hungry eyes and uncontrollable appetite. This is caused by the body's exhausted and needs a break. Better to take a 5-10 minute nap on the desk in order to control your appetite.

Eat vegetables and fresh fruits
By eating, consume vegetables or fresh fruits rich in water content in advance. More and more vegetables and fruits that you consume, you will never want to eat sweet or fatty foods because it is already full in advance.

This is also a powerful way to cut calories digesting desire more, namely:

Do not forget breakfast

The main rule is to lose weight do not forget breakfast. Make sure you eat a high-protein menu to start your day. Proteins digested slowly, so it will not make you too hungry during the day. This helps you control your appetite, so servings that you take not too excessive.

Eat Slowly

Do not rush to chew food, and concentration just chew at least 32 times. Eating in a hurry or while doing this it will make you hungry faster and do not understand that putting more food into the body. To that end, enjoy it slowly and be aware of how much food goes into your stomach to avoid appetite like crazy.

Increase intake of fibrous foods
If you want to lose weight the right way, then eat a lot of fibrous foods. Reduce carbohydrates and fatty foods that make you hungry faster. Foods rich in fiber in addition to improving digestion also does not make you hungry quickly.

Always busy themselves

Do not allow yourself to just relax and watch television while staring alone all day. Make sure you do this it's so busy you do not always dissolve in hunger and instead look for a snack. When you are busy, your body knows how much energy is needed. The body will take the existing body of calories, and when it runs out, you can refill without excessive hoarding.
Hopefully the article How to Reduce Food Lust Without Hunger useful for you.


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